Welcome to Siam Canadian Ė Thailandís premier frozen seafood exporter. Through our unsurpassed quality, product diversity and level of service we have come to enjoy a truly global reputation.

Siam Canadian began in the year 1987 as a small trading company specializing in non frozen food products. At this time Thailandís seafood industry was undergoing a period of rapid and important change. Aqua-cultured shrimp was gaining an increasingly large market share globally and thus the frozen seafood sector entered into a time of dynamic expansion.

It was then that we at Siam Canadian saw the tremendous growth opportunities in the frozen seafood sector. Eventually frozen seafood was to become the core focus of our business.

Today, we are the leading choice of importers in over 70 countries in five continents. Siam Canadian is known and trusted for its superior product quality and unmatched level of customer service.


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